Chitra and Venu


Chitra and Venu were introduced to autism in 2009, when their 3.5 year old child was diagnosed to be on the spectrum.

Since then, they have been working with their child, and continue to homeschool him. Chitra got certified as a behavioural analyst, started working with other children in 2014, and eventually setup Sambhavam in 2016. Currently, chitra manages the clinical practice at sambhavam, and venu takes care of recruitment, training and adminstration. Both of them actively work with parents, consulting, counselling and training them.

At Sambhavam, they think of autism, its impact on families and how all of us can work together to improve the quality of life for the family. They believe autism is just another way of being and that everyone can live a full life, with appropriate support and accommodations.

In addition to sambhavam have also set up and run Farm Hill Learning, a neurodiverse, close to nature, learning space for primary and middle schoolers, including students on the autism spectrum.

Meena N

Center Head

Meena has about 15 years of experience in autism space and is a qualified BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst). At Sambhavam, she manages the team of educators and handles the day to day functioning of the center. Naturally, she is the go-to person for all questions and troubles!

Shankari Arun

Center Manager

Shankari is very disciplined and organized. She understands and follows the education programs perfectly. She is a very good trouble shooter and an enthusiastic people manager. She is also an RBT and as a supervisor manages the day to day functioning of a team of therapists and the children they work with. She takes care of the infrastructure and other operations as well.


Center Manager - Orange Sambhavam

Chelsea is a bubble of energy, rightly so, being the youngest member of the senior team. Currently, she manages our Whitefield center. She has a Bachelor's from St. Joseph's, and is an RBT. She has been with Sambhavam since 2017. She is equally good at training therapists as she is at working with children.

Miftah Anjum


Miftah is an exceptional people manager, along with being an accomplished therapist. As a supervisor, she manages a team of therapists and is also incharge of Internships at Sambhavam. She has a masters in clinical psychology and is also an RBT.



Geetha is a supervisor at Sambhavam and takes care of day to day operations at the center. She brings a lot of energy and patience to the team and is always willing to help.