..and help children and adults with autism manage their lives better.

Assessments and IEP

Functional assessment in academic and non-academic areas and Individual Education Programs (IEP)

ABA Therapy Sessions

One-to-one ABA sessions for children and young adults, implementing the IEP

Trainings & Workshops

Training parents to work with their children. Workshops for parents and educators.


The Story of Sambhavam

At the heart of Sambhavam is a family that has made peace with autism. Our son was diagnosed in 2009, when he was 3 years old. Ever since, we have constantly been focused on understanding him and helping him manage his life.

Along the way, we have picked up experience in ABA and other methods of educating children on the spectrum. One of us is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BcaBA), certified from the US Behavior Analyst Certification Board. The other has significant experience in the education space.

We homeschool our son and have worked with children on the spectrum since 2010. Over the last few years of running Sambhavam, we have built a team of passionate people, committed to working in autism education space.

We are now at a stage where we believe autism to be an expression of neurodiversity in humans. Different, not less - as Temple Grandin puts it. We don't think autism is a curse, tragedy, suffering or doom. We don't think people on the autism spectrum need to be 'cured' or be made 'normal' or that autism should be eradicated.

We believe that children and adults on the spectrum should be provided the help they need to make sense of themselves and the world around them. We also believe that the world around them (including their families) needs help to be more aware of autism and be able to make sense of people on the spectrum.

That's why at Sambhavam, our focus is firmly on helping people on the spectrum manage their lives.

The Story of Sambhavam

Farm Hill - The Way Forward

At Sambhavam, we have been providing early intervention, parent training and counselling, helping families living with autism manage their lives better. On the way, we realised that there are very few places that can provide the support that autistic children and families continue to need, as the children grow in to adolescence.

We have also realised that the way one educates an autistic child is no different from the way one educates a neurotypical child; it is just that the current school system is suitable for neither. We started Farm Hill, a neurodiverse learning space, where we work with both neurotypical and autistic children in a setting that takes care of the unique needs of each child.

We see Farm Hill as a necessary continuation of our work at Sambhavam.

Learn more at Farm Hill's website.

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